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Crownpeak Employee

IAB framework implementation tips

  • Is this script replacing any existing Evidon CMP code that existing clients currently have in place, either directly on our pages or within a tag manager?
Nothing is being replaced, but there is additional coding required.
  • The documentation recommends that the script should be implemented in the 'root site template' and not through a tag manager or as separate script. What are the drawbacks to leveraging a tag manager?
​If calls are made before the CMP is present, those calls would be missed. We recommend implementing it at the top of head in the root of site to make sure it's the first thing that loaded.
  • Should the IAB framework script go into the header or the body? I see it says Root site template, but wondering if we had more clarification.
​The IAB Framework script should be implemented as high up as possible - preferably as the first element in the head tag.
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