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Options Dialogue button doesn't work as expected


In my settings for the US, when I choose CCPA or CPRA (link, no banner), I have Opt-Out Consent selected for me by default, which is expected.

Since I can't attach a screenshot here, i'll try to explain what i see on the website:
In the options dialogue window, i see tow buttons -- "Opt out" and "Cancel". 
"Cancel" will close the window. However, clicking "Opt out" triggers the "consentGiven" and sets the _evidon_consent_cookie for me. 
I expect that button to out me out, hence the button name, with setting the evidon_suppress_notification_cookie instead. 
But the id for that button is also "evidon-prefdiag-accept" which is why i assume that triggers the consentEvent. 

Is this something that needs to be fixed on your end?
Could you advise on how to trigger the suppress cookie in this case? 



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The _evidon_consent_cookie does not necessarily mean that a user is consenting to tracking.  It marks that a consent choice has been made that the script needs to read.

In this instance, the cookie _evidon_consent_cookie is being set because the act of opting out is a consent choice being made by the user to no longer allow tags to fire.  Once you have opted out, you will see in local storage that _evidon_consent_ls_##### has been updated to show all categories and vendors as false.  

Regarding the evidon_suppress_notification_cookie, it is used specifically by the tool to suppress a banner and prevent it from showing.  In your example, since the site does not use a banner, there is no need from the tools perspective to drop the suppression cookie.

Without getting into specifics since this is a public forum, it looks like your site is using a modified version of the script with some customization to what is being read.  It is possible that due to this, you may be seeing results outside of what would normally be expected.  I would encourage you to reach out to if you have further questions, as it may be easier to communicate specific details via a private ticket.

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Andrew Moody
Lead Privacy Analyst

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