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Content migration to Crownpeak

We are pleased to announce the launch of Crownpeak DXM Content Xcelerator℠, open source on GitHub, under the MIT License: https://github.com/Crownpeak/Content-Xcelerator

The Crownpeak Content Xcelerator℠ is made available under the MIT License at https://github.com/Crownpeak/Content-Xcelerator, as optional tooling to assist developers working with content migration into Crownpeak's Digital Experience Management platform.

Constructed as a set of Microsoft .NET Visual Studio Projects, producing a Microsoft Windows Forms Application and set of related Microsoft .NET Assemblies, Content Xcelerator℠ can be used as is to migrate content between DXM Instances or forked and modified as required to provide further capabilities, within the terms of the License.

Content Xcelerator℠ is not actively maintained by Crownpeak. The underlying DXM Access API invoked by Content Xcelerator℠ forms part of the DXM product itself, which is fully maintained by Crownpeak.

By creating access to the right areas of Crownpeak to migrate data into, our partners can create front-end connectors into any CMS and tie into our API tool. This should allow partners to accelerate the process of moving content from a legacy platform into Crownpeak in a clean, managed way. Contact the team to inquire more or simply access Content Xcelerator and start using it today.

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how to migrate the content to corwnpeak, my site still using wordpress

Hi @gunturhakim 

Could you provide a bit more information on what questions you have regarding migrating content? Are you already a Crownpeak customer?