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Volte Retirement - Jan 31, 2021 [UPDATED]

**Volte Retirement has been pushed back to February 17th, 2021 to accommodate customer requests**


Starting January 31, 2021, the Volte UI will be retired. The following information details the impact this may have on your Crownpeak configuration.


In 2012, Crownpeak introduced the Volte UI (Italian verb meaning to transform) leveraging Silverlight as the technology. In 2015, Microsoft announced the end of Silverlight, and Crownpeak immediately started working on a full replacement for Volte. In 2016, Crownpeak introduced V3, our current Flagship UI, as a fully responsive web-based and version-less user experience built with the latest web technologies, providing richer content management capabilities.

Switching to V3

Switch to V3 by simply entering the below URL (make sure to replace [cms_instance] with your instance name) in your browser’s address bar, and log in using your current credentials:[cms_instance]/


Starting February 1, 2021, the Volte UI will no longer be available for download, and any previously downloaded client will cease to work and will instead display the following message at the login screen. Click on the [Let’s Go!] button to navigate to the V3 UI.




Reach out to Crownpeak Support if you experience any issues switching to V3, or contact your customer success manager if you have any questions or concerns about the retirement of Volte.