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Does this sound familiar?

The concept for a new feature of the corporate website has been developed by your business users and presented to the FirstSpirit development team. After some discussion and clarification the team is ready to kick off, but: What is the best way to actually implement the requested feature?

How do you design the new feature so that not only the website visitors actually use it, but also that it is as easy as possible for the editors to edit its content?

What is the best way to implement it, so that the code can be easily maintained and extended later on?

Is this a feature that was already developed in other projects and how was it done there?

These and similar questions are exactly the ones the new Inside FirstSpirit blog aims to answer. Equipped with experience from hundreds of projects we want to use this blog to describe best practices on how to implement various requirements. Inside FirstSpirit is made for tech savvy people like developers, architects and technical project managers and explains how to implement interesting and commonly requested features based on best practice and long-lasting experience.

As we want to support you by answering your implementation questions we are naturally very interested in the challenges you are currently facing. Please tell us about these and suggest topics for upcoming blog posts. We also hope for interesting dicussions about the posts as we know that you have already been confronted with some of the topics yourselves. Let us and the readers know about your solutions and share your experience with fellow FirstSpirit developers.

We are looking forward to a lively exchange!

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