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Search G2 Apache Solr upgrade FAQs

    FAQ - Search G2 Apache Solr Upgrade


    Q1: What is Apache Solr?

    A1: Apache Solr, also known as Solr, is the technology behind Search G2.


    Q2: What version are we moving from/to?

    A2: We are moving from version 6 to version 9 of Solr. Moving to Solr version 9 will add increased stability to the Search G2 platform.


    Q3: When will the upgrade take place?

    A3: The upgrade is scheduled for Saturday, Oct 14, 2023, from 9am MDT to 5pm MDT.


    Q4: Has the upgrade process been tested?

    A4: Yes, we have extensively tested the upgrade process to ensure its reliability and effectiveness. In addition, a consultative exercise was undertaken to ensure we utilize the most effective and secure steps in the process.


    Q5: What is the process on October 14th?

    A5: On October 14th, we will begin the upgrade process at 9am MDT and aim to complete it by 11am MDT. From 11am MDT to 4pm MDT, we recommend that customers test their search functionality. Note that we recommend testing before the upgrade as well as after.


    Q6: What happens to any items that are published during the upgrade?

    A6: Any items published during the upgrade will go into a queue. These updates will be synchronized with Solr 9 at the end of the day once all testing has been completed.


    Q7: What if we find some problems during or after the upgrade?

    A7: If customers experience issues that cannot be resolved at the time, we may have to cancel the upgrade and revert to Solr 6. This will be done before any updates are processed to ensure minimal disruption.


    Q8: Will the changes affect our website on the day?

    A8: End users will not see any adverse affects on client sites and will able to search what has been published up to that point. Any items published on the day won't become available until after the maintenance is complete and any queued assets are processed.


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