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htmlconv or strconv (php)

We have currently a problem, one line failed:
when '[lsblock.[colname.ls_broth];htmlconv=no]'!=''

That's could be because the value of [lsblock.[colname.ls_broth] contains (') quotes inside, so maybe using htmlconv=esc could fix it, but we can also try to use strconv=esc because htmlconv is deprecated.

1) How many time could we use htmlconv instead of strconv?
2) If we switch all "htmlconv=no" or "htmlconv=esc" to "strconv=esc", should work without problems?


Server version: 5.2.200607.79090 (I)

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Crownpeak employee

Hi Jorge,

could you provide more context? Is this a question about our Spryker integration?
Greetings, Peter

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This should be an example:

<input type="text" id="top-search" name="search" placeholder="$CMS_VALUE(global_translation.mainnav_search)$" value="[var.arySearchHits.originaltermsescaped;htmlconv=no;noerr]"/>

I saw here :


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Hi Jorge,

this does not answer my question :smileygrin:.
The fragment you posted is an ouptput template containing php code. From the context given it's not possible for me to provide an answer. Perhaps some community member could help you out.
Small advice: If you give your post a more descriptive title you could improve visibility, e.g. by mentioning it's a PHP question.


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