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enable svg support

Hi all,

scalable vector graphics are in common usages for sprite css3 renderings on webpages.

FirstSpirit always detects svg as file, not image, so this cant be used in e.g. menu-foldes for graphical elements.

Can this be changed anyway?

thx & cheers,


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Hello Maik,

as you wrote FirstSpirit doesn't support svg. So I can just ask you to create a feature request here.

Best regards


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Hi Michaela,

thanks for you quick reply.

I heard about that you can configure FirstSpirit which file-extension are treated as an image.

May be in fs-server.conf?

Dont find any documentation on this.

Can you help me with that?

I ask me often: Is there a full list on which params you can configure on the FirstSpirit system.

Is there a full list?



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Hi michaela,

i created an idea for that:

My further question on the server params overview docu is untouched 😉



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