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Query-Servlet (FS-Integration) Param: query_xml


is it possible to spezify more than one FILTERPARAM within an query_xml-request-string? Within the manual of FS-Integration (parag: 3.5) they use only one FILTERPARAM and when i try to spezify an additional FILTERPARAM I will get the following error:

ERROR [STDERR] [Fatal Error] :1:101: Element type "FILTERPARAM" must be followed by either attribute specif
ications, ">" or "/>".

Whe I do not spezify this additional FILTERPARAM the query works, but just for one param...this will not be usefull.

Thanks in advance!


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Crownpeak employee

Yes, it is possible to specify an arbitrary number of FILTERPARAM tags.

I think the xml you constructed is simply broken.


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thanks! Yes...indeed my xml-structure was wrong. Now its working perfect

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