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How to export Data source content

We use a lot of data sources, with a many rows in it.

For marketing reasons, we want to export some datasources to use the content in other applications. What is the best way to do this?

Thanx in advance

Ellen van Wettum

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We have a  pagetemplate with extension txt

example pagetemplate (HTML-chanel):

<CMS_FUNCTION name="contentSelect" resultname="cs_RGL">
  <CMS_PARAM name="schema" value="SFO" />
  <QUERY entityType="OHB_RGL">
   <ORDERCRITERIA attribute="Nummer" />

In the for-loop you write all column you need

"###" is the delimiter between the column

(sorry for my english)

Thank you for your reply.

We'll try to use this, it seems a flexibel way to implement, without having to create to many templates.

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