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GUI-Handling in FirstSpirit module service/project app. configuration

Hi FirstSpirit Community,

is there a possibility to implement opening an individual modal Swing dialog within the FirstSpirit service or project component configuration?

Maybe, the FirstSpirit module framework currently does not allow it?!?


The target should be:

- implementing a FirstSpirit service or project component in a FirstSpirit module that could be started directly in the AdminClient (not called via a BeanShell or executable-Class script in the JavaClient)

- currently, just FirstSpirit service components could be started within the AdminClient

- is there a possibility to open a new Swing GUI dialog on the AdminClient-side to configure the start mechanism and maybe download the generated result of the service (like it is done when exporting a project)?

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No, thats correct. Your gui is embedded in the normal module configuration dialog lifecycle, which you piggy-pack with your functions. Just embed a label "press ok to close dialog" Smiley Wink

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So, there might be a feature request sensible, to optimize the GUI handling here and get it more flexible.

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