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Enable Database menu option in Content Manager P System

Hello Team,

I could see the database menu option in the content manager q system but i could not see the same option in the P System.

I have a table and i want to insert data from the P system content manager.

Please do the needful.

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Crownpeak employee

Dear Jayakumar,

assuming, that both the q and p system are using the same FirstSpirit version, check the configuration of the "CXT ContentCreator: Feature Configuration ProjectApp" (ServerManager->Project-Properties->Project components) (project administrator role required)

Search for "EntityManagement" there, especially "EntityManagement: Enabled". Depending on the used FirstSpirit version, it may either be activated within the q system or deactivated within the p system.

Annotation: In older FirstSpirit versions the configuration was defined within the web component ContentCreator and the appropriate module there.

Best regards

P.S. If the two servers use different FirstSpirit versions, the reason for the missing menu item could be, that the feature is either not available in the p system (since 2011-08) or not activated by default (since 2011-11). If it is not available, the p system has to be updated to get the feature. If it is not activated by default, you can activate it with the "CXT ContentCreator: Feature Configuration ProjectApp" (see above)

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