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Column Mapping Not Found

Dear All,

I am facing a issue (Column Mapping Not Found) in the Page Store. I have tow tables (for eg. A and B) and its having 1:N mapping and in the B Table

i have wriiten the code like below (B table's Template).

<CMS_INPUT_COMBOBOX name="cs_list_type" hFill="yes" singleLine="no" useLanguages="no">

    <CMS_INCLUDE_OPTIONS type="database">


        <LABEL lang="*"></LABEL>

        <LABEL lang="DE"></LABEL>

        <LABEL lang="EN"></LABEL>





      <LANGINFO lang="*" label="List Type"/>



Even i have mapped the cs_list_type to the A table. I have added the value in the table A and I also mapped the Table A value to the Value B.

Finally i mapped the B table to the Master Page template to get the value (see the code below) and I added the Master Page Template to the some page..

<FS_LIST name="pt_XXXX" hFill="yes">

        <DATASOURCE type="database" useLanguages="yes">


            <ACTION name="ADD">

              <PARAM name="add-index">last</PARAM>

              <PARAM name="select-ui">dialog</PARAM>


            <ACTION name="REMOVE"/>



            <COLUMN show="no">#identifier</COLUMN>



            <ADD component="toolbar" constraint="top"/>

            <ADD component="overview" constraint="center"/>

            <ADD component="stackedview" constraint="hide"/>





          <LANGINFO lang="*" label="A-Z Configurations"/>

          <LANGINFO lang="DE" label="A-Z Konfigurationen"/>



But in the Page, I tried to add the records of the B table. And i am getting the Error Message like "Column Mapping for cs_list_type Not Found".

please suggest me to solve this issue.

Thank You,


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I'm new here

which FirstSpirit-VErsion do you use?

could provider us with a screenshot of the described mappings (schema.list_type) ?



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Crownpeak employee

> could provider us with a screenshot of the described mappings (schema.list_type) ?

See an example of the mithras demo project below:


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Hello Mr. Andre,

Please find the screenshot below ..

Page Mapping.JPG

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Crownpeak employee

The posted screenshot shows a mapping of a table template named "...page_type". This table template has never been mentioned in your first posting.

Furthermore the screenshot shows a mapping of a CMS_INPUT_TEXT component with name "cs_pagetype" which has not been mentionend in your first posting either.

Please check the column mapping in table template related to "B" in your first post for the CMS_INPUT_COMBOBOX component named "cs_list_type".

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