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HLP KM-data: kept in case of a FirstSpirit move?

Dear HLP,

we just wonder, whether the HLP-BP does allow the keeping of stored KM metadata like:

  • subscriptions
  • ratings
  • feedback

when the underlying FirstSpirit node is moved within the same FirstSpirit project to another location. This might happen quite often, especially then, when complete navigation trees are moved due to a re-organization step.

Or is the above data lost, that is already stored?

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I'm new here

Hi Holger,

the move operation of a folder in FirstSpirit is not reflected in a move operation in the generated XML File (in this case the search.xml file).

That means that the BP for FirstSpirit does not know that you moved a folder from the XML File. That is the reason why a move operation in FirstSpirit does result in a Delete/Create-Operation in KM from the BP for FirstSpirit.

And that means that KM metadata gets deleted by such an operation!

Best regards,

Stefan Brauneis

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