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Migration from Jetty to web server scenarios for productive use

Dieser Artikel ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar: Migration von Jetty zu Webserver-Szenarien für den produktiven Einsatz


The open source component Eclipse Jetty integrated into FirstSpirit provides a web server and a JSP/servlet engine that run as part of the FirstSpirit server in the same VM. The use of the Jetty application server is only intended for test purposes, so that partners and customers can use FirstSpirit with web server functionality out of the box and without having to install and connect an external web server first. For more complex configuration requirements (e.g. memory size adjustments, timeouts, number of threads per deployed application, etc.) the use of an external web server is recommended (especially Apache Tomcat).

Since version FirstSpirit 2018-08 the functionality of the "Integrated Web Server" (Internal Jetty) is no longer supported. With a subsequent FirstSpirit release it will no longer be possible to use the "Integrated Web Server". Functionalities based on the "integrated web server" will then no longer be available.

The steps required for the necessary migration are described in detail in the attached document. In addition to general information about the migration, the document also contains examples of real-life scenarios and information on how to work with them.

If you have any questions regarding the Jetty Migration, feel free to contact our Technical Support team by opening a ticket in the Support Portal.

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