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FirstSpirit Cloud Maintenance Window Schedule

    Dear Customers and Partners,  

    we would like to inform you about our monthly maintenance windows for updating our Cloud FirstSpirit environments to the latest version. The updates will be rolled out in phases across our development and production environments. 

    The default time window is 7 am to 9 am CET/CEST. 


    Here are the upcoming dates:

    18.10.2023 -Development/Quality Assurance (DEV/QA) 

    25.10.2023 -Production (PROD) 

    15.11.2023 - DEV/QA * not for e-commerce customers 

    22.11.2023 - PROD * not for e-commerce customers 

    10.01.2024 - DEV/QA 

    17.01.2024 - PROD

    7.02.2024 - DEV/QA 

    14.02.2024 - PROD

    06.03.2024 - DEV/QA 

    13.03.2024 - PROD

    03.04.2024 - DEV/QA 

    10.04.2024 - PROD

    02.05.2024 - DEV/QA 

    08.05.2024 - PROD

    29.05.2024 - DEV/QA 

    05.06.2024 - PROD

    26.06.2024 - DEV/QA 

    03.07.2024 - PROD

    24.07.2024 - DEV/QA 

    31.07.2024 - PROD

    21.08.2024 - DEV/QA 

    28.08.2024 - PROD

    18.09.2024 - DEV/QA 

    25.09.2024 - PROD

    16.10.2024 - DEV/QA 

    23.10.2024 - PROD


    Please note that there will be no patch day in December due to the holiday season. 

    You will receive reminder emails before each maintenance window, which will include specific information on any changes or enhancements to the system. We will also inform you via email upon completion of the maintenance window. 

    During these maintenance windows, the affected FirstSpirit environments will be unavailable for a short period. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and assure you that we will do everything possible to minimize the disruption. 


    *Patch day for e-Commerce customers will be skipped because of Black Friday Week 


    Thanks for the dates!

    Would it also be possible to add them to an iCal Calender like before?

    That was a very helpful option!