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FAQs - What is Page Expiry?

In Crownpeak DQM, every asset (HTML page, PDF Document etc.) has a page expiry set.

For dashboards that scan weekly, the default Page Expiry is 5 days. This means that only pages and assets are seen by our scanner in each scan are kept in the website dashboards in DQM. If a page was in your website dashboard, but is not available in the next scan, it will be removed from the dashboard. In most cases, this makes sense as the page was most likely removed from your website, and so no longer needs to be reported on. 

However, adjusting the page expiry allows DQM to crawl a site several times without seeing an asset before it is removed. There are occasions when some assets are not available because of a server issue, or because pages are only temporarily taken down. The page expiry feature can be adjusted if you do not want to immediately remove these assets from a dashboard because the assets that are not available may not have been removed on purpose. 

For example, a dashboard that scans weekly can have its Page Expiry set at 15 days to ensure that all assets remain in the dashboard for at least 3 weekly scans before being removed. In this scenario, each asset will stay in our system for a minimum of 15 days, even if the asset is removed from the live site. 

It is possible to see the Last analysis completed” timestamp in Analyzer (See Website Insights: Issues – Analyzer). This will provide you with an idea on how long the asset will stay before it is removed from the platform.

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