WebEdit in MULTI-TAB browsers (FireFox, IE8/9): painful SESSION-handling


  • WebEdit functionality is widely used by FirstSpirit editors
  • they often try to work in different projects at the same time
  • in general they use up-to-date browser versions offering multi-tabbing in one browser instance



  • FS 3.1, FS 4.0, FS 4.1, FS 4.2 R2, FS 4.2 R4, FS 5.0
  • FirstSpirit WebEdit
  • Multi-tab enabled browsers like FireFox, >IE6, Opera, etc.

Problem description:

  • multi-tab browsers share sessions (JSESSIONID cookie) between different tabs
  • opening multiple FirstSpirit projects in different browser tabs and working on them in turn
    lead to error messages and data lost in all tabs simultaneously
  • "not connected" error messages appear in the Servlet Container logs (Tomcat or Jetty)
    endlessly (see below)

ERROR 17.02.2011 18:05:22 (de.espirit.firstspirit.client.webedit.servlets.SaveDataAction): SaveData.doAction() failed - java.lang.IllegalStateException: not c


java.lang.IllegalStateException: not connected

at de.espirit.firstspirit.client.io.WebConnection.getUserService(WebConnection.java:161)

at de.espirit.firstspirit.server.projectmanagement.ProjectImpl.getUserService(ProjectImpl.java:2102)

at de.espirit.firstspirit.store.access.DefaultSecurityManager.checkAccess(DefaultSecurityManager.java:48)

at de.espirit.firstspirit.store.access.AbstractStoreElement.checkAccess(AbstractStoreElement.java:1637)

  • the following error message appears within WebEdit (see screenshot below):



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Crownpeak employee
Crownpeak employee

Hello Holger,

this functionality is already delivered with FS 5.2.

Best regards