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This is so simple that I've been wondering for a year if I've been missing out some obvious function: Since I prefer working with objects' names displayed (and not reference names), I tend to forget reference names from the sitestore in the blink of an eye.

I got used to clicking on the folder or site, then pressing F9, taking a glimpse at the reference name, trying to remember it for more than a second and hitting "cancel". (Alt+p would do as well but requires one more click.)

Couldn't a simple tool-tip or "hover box" display reference name and / or ID without clicking?

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Sounds nice to me when developing something - but I am not sure if all our users would be happy with that. Most of them don't care about refernce names once they are set and they might rather be disturbed by another item on the GUI.

What about letting each user decided if he likes to see the tooltipps ?

Or displaying the reference name in the status bar ?

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Crownpeak employee

A agree to Thomas, I'd prefer if the reference name would be (optionally) displayed in the status bar. And it should be copy-able (e.g. by marking it with the mouse and hitting CTRL-C or with a context menu "copy name to clipboard").

Other suggestions: Mostly one needs the reference name when developing templates or style-sheets (perhaps this is the only place where you need this?). Therefore a function for searching a referencable object and inserting it's reference name in the code would be nice, e.g. in the context menu "insert a reference name here". Of course D&D would also be a nice addition.

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Maybe it's an alternative to introduce a shortcut for switching the tree between the display language and the reference name.

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As Daniel already mentioned it is possible to change the whole structure of the tree to display reference names. In the JavaClient you can activate this by going to "View" -> "Preferred display language" and check "Display reference names in tree".

I find this one very useful when developing templates and isn't this more or less the functionality you're looking for?

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I agree with Sebastian that more convenience would be nice to have - and it seems to be not such a huge step to improve the client in this area.

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Crownpeak Employee

Beside the Alt+p shortcut there is the "Strg-Shift-Q" shortcut.

In this dialog you can see (and copy) the ID path and the reference name path of the selected object. This sould be sufficient for developers.