Text editor like microsoft Word

The people I train in FirstSpirit do not understand why the text editor doesn't work exactly like Microsoft Word. They are surprised for instance when they have to click right mouse button to change from a bullet list to a numbred list.

I'm new here

Did your users use any webbased RTE (richtext editor) like TinyMCE? They work different to Word because they aren't Word. Their target output is not print but digital. Notepad is also different to Word. FS is a different software with a unique user interface.

Actually, there is a word import interface as far as I know and probably that suits your users better.

Crownpeak employee
Crownpeak employee

Hello Tim

thank you for your idea to improve FirstSpirit. It is important for us to learn from the experiences of our customers and partners. For this reason we appreciate feedback and any suggestion.

We have evaluated the issue once again, but have no plans for a realization in the near future. Therefore, we cannot consider your feature request at this time.

You can find more details about our feature selection process in our Features Policy.

Best regards