TRANSLATION SUPPORT for FirstSpirit container input components in JavaClient

The current solution for the translation support in FirstSpirit 4.2 R2 behaves not very intuitively for FirstSpirit container input components, like "CMS_INPUT_CONTENTAREALIST" (details see e-Spirit helpdesk ticket Help-20100719-254):

  • when opening the translation support GUI dialog within the JavaClient on a section template containing a container input component, the copy/paste functionality does just copy the listed entries for the container input component
  • content of the concrete referenced entries is not copied as well
  • to execuete a copying of the referenced content, the editor has to open a new translation support dialog box, by double-clicking on the referenced entries (this is not very intuitively) -> JavaClient usability

The following screenshots display the current behavior in detail:

before the copy function has been executed:


after the copy function has been executed:translation_function_copy_paste_lost_contentarealist_after.jpg

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Crownpeak employee
Crownpeak employee

Hello Holger

Thank you for your idea to improve FirstSpirit. It is important for us to learn from the experiences of our customers and partners. For this reason we appreciate feedback and any suggestion.

We have evaluated the issue once again, but have no plans for a realisation in the near future. Therefore, we can not consider your feature request at this time.

Best regards,