Store-specific metadata configuration

Dear e-Spiriti community,

up to now (FS 4.2 R4) there is no possibility, to configure a store specific metadata page template. Currently, the only option is to choose a global meta data page template that is used for the "Metadata"-tab in:

  • page store
  • site store
  • media store

Details see screenshot below:


In all cases, where custom FirstSpirit input components should be available dependent on the store, there is only a very unsatisfied solution available:

- offering different tabs within the form setup of the FirstSpirit metadata page template


- editors might enter values although they are not relevant for the node, they are working on

- confused editors

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Crownpeak Employee
Crownpeak Employee

In FirstSpirit 5.0 it will be possible to view/hide elements of a (metadata) form depending on the store where the form is shown.

There still will be exactly one metadata template, but the editors see only the relevant (store-specific) form elements.