Pop up window in FS List

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I have FS_LIST below and I have to follow the below step for adding the content.

Step 1: Click button and then Select any link template

Step 2: Click Edit Button and add the content

Step 3: Save the content.

It will be good to get the pop up (dialog box ) after the Step 1. Because there is no need for one more step.

<FS_LIST name="st_linklist" hfill="yes">
    <DATASOURCE type="inline" useLanguages="yes">
        <LABEL lang="*">if(#item.lt_text.isEmpty,Please Provide text,#item.lt_text)+ +#item.lt_comment</LABEL>
        <ACTION name="ADD"/>
        <ACTION name="REMOVE">
          <PARAM name="show-confirm">no</PARAM>
        <ACTION name="UP"/>
        <ACTION name="DOWN"/>
        <ACTION name="EDIT"/>
        <COLUMN show="no">#identifier</COLUMN>
        <ADD component="stackedview" constraint="hide"/>
        <ADD component="toolbar" constraint="top"/>
        <ADD component="overview" constraint="center"/>
      <TEMPLATES source="linktemplates">
        <TEMPLATE uid="internallinkwithcomment"/>
        <TEMPLATE uid="externallinkwithcomment"/>
      <LANGINFO lang="*" label="Linklist" description="Please enter links."/>
      <LANGINFO lang="DE" label="Linkliste" description="Bitte wählen Sie die gewünschten Links aus."/>


Vasandharaj M.

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I'm new here

note: this make sense without any viewport - means all subfom stuff is opend in a dialog - no "inline" editing.