Natively integrate VCS to Firstspirit

It would be nice to have a native VCS integration to Firstspirit.

Something like but more native and expandable.

There are serveral usefull scenarios in witch that feature could participate.

First of all, a distributed development could be possible. Serveral developer working on local enviroment commiting changes to same repository. On Review day, the commited feature(s) could be pulled to the project easiely on a dedicated Staging Server.

If we expand that scenario.. even a staging process could be possible without laborious feature export / project exports.

Maybe could be expanded for a scenario like that, but i would like to see it in Firstspirit native.

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Crownpeak employee
Crownpeak employee

Hi Kai,

I think the FirstSpirit "External Synchronization" is exactly what you are looking for. For more details you can check the documentation.

Best regards