Integrate native SVG support by FirstSpirit

Hi all,

currently it is not allowed to handly .svg images like images in the meaning of FirstSpirit.

FirstSpirit detects .svg not as an image but as a file only.

That makes it worth for editors and also dev to integrate scalable vector graphics at all.

In case that SVG is html5 standard rendering sprites and graphics, this would be a mainly used feature for us.

Also in case you are not able to modify the image-components, e.g. in menu-folders at all.

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Hint: this topic is linked to the e-Spirit internal ticket # ID 147231



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Hi all,

I would also like to add a complete GIF support into this feature requrest.

If a GIF is resized by FirstSpirit, animations are getting lost (see



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I just wanted to upload a svg-image (a logo) to use it on a website. I was shocked to see that this is still not possible in FS 5.2.

Now I have to build pixel-graphics that will never look as sharp as the svg instead. More effort and less quality. That's realy a shame...

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Hi Stefan,

you can upload svg - that's not the issue. Instead, as mentioned above, it's just a file. You still can refer to it as with a media file. It's just annoying in terms of maintenance - you won't want editors to pick a svg without a proper preview.

But yes, it's not what you'd expect from a tool for modern web development in 2017.

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Auch wir haben gerade aktuell ein Projekt, welches komplett mit SVG-Grafiken von einer externen Agentur designed wird. Hier ist es natürlich sehr unschön, dass diese Grafiken dann nicht in der integrierten Vorschau angezeigt werden. Und dafür immer ein Deployment anwerfen und sich das auf einer Test-Umgebung ansehen ist für Redakteure auch immer nicht so schön.

Wann geht e-Spirit hier mit der Zeit und unterstützt ein gängiges Grafik-Format? Das Feature-Ticket hier nähert sich seinem 4. Geburtstag!!!

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Also die interne Vorschau kann SVGs ohne Probleme darstellen, denn dafür ist ja der Browser zuständig. Die Grafiken werden halt nicht in den FirstSpirit-Formularen dargestellt. Aber eine Veröffentlichung sollte nicht nötig sein.

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Main issue persists that there is no direct preview in the media store as well as in the FS components (FS_REFERENCE).

I agree to Marcus that SVG works fine within the internal browser preview but that might be a project-specific odd related to the frontend solution.

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If anyone needs a solution until this feature is added to the product:

Some years ago I wrote 2 SVG plugins. The first one sets the preview-image for the svg-file if you create or edit it:


The second plugin adds a button to the toolbar to view the svg-file in a new window:


I compiled it with the newest version of FirstSpirit + new third party library versions and it still seems to work - but I never really used it so it's not really tested or polished but maybe someone has use for it.

I quickly added it to a fsm and uploaded it here:

GitHub - freinhold/firstspirit: FirstSpirit Extensions

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I would like to let you know that there is an internal ticket for this Feature Request. Its internal ID is CORE-5135.

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Hello Bianca,

yes, that is right. This feature is available since FS 2019-12.

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