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Removing 401 Auth Request

Customer requests removal of 401 auth, follow the steps to remove.

1) Customer's request will similar to the below
Please remove 401 auth for both live and stage urls on "X" or please remove password protection on "X".

Where X is a url. If the customer did not provide a URL, request one from customer before moving on to the next step.

Customer may also say "Remove Password Protection from X"

2) To remove simply pass on the request to the IT Department by Escalating a message such as the below:

Title: Please remove 401 auth for X

Escalation Message:
Hello All,

Please remove 401 auth on "X".

3) Wait for IT to complete the operation

4) Test to confirm site does not have 401 auth by going to the url.

If you see the below, send back to IT, otherwise proceed to let the customer know 401 auth has been removed.

rtaImage (2).png

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