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DXM Template Development Training

Component Library: Installing

Part of the Introduction to Component Library series.

Where is Component Library

Now that you know more about the definitions, let’s talk about how and where to install CL.

CL depends on the “sites and projects” features in the CMS as the core elements are installed as a project.

There are three ways to create a new CL configuration:

  1. When you create a new site root using File > New > Site Root model;
  2. When you create a new project using the File > New > Project model provided that the project is under a site root; or
  3. By using the context menu on an existing site root or project, you can add CL to existing assets.

The typical CL configuration once it has completed installing looks like this:

A more complex CL configuration is one in which you want to share CL across multiple sites.

Because of the need to have the component project under a site root, it is recommended that you create a shared “global” site root that contains the project and then add a library reference to each site that needs to use the generated CL entities like templates and library classes.

Note: Only developers require access to the Component Project that is created when CL is installed. If you choose to have the CL project directly under your site root folder, it is highly recommended that you use access permissions to hide the project from the view of content authors.

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