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DXM Release Notes

DXM Release Notes - 3 April 2020

Build 10659, 3 April 2020


DXM Release Maintenance In-app Notification 
To be enabled Friday, April 17th. 

In this release, we introduce a new process for notifying users about imminent CMS releases via in-app notification alerts. These notifications will provide users with the information they need to schedule their work around the maintenance window. 

The in-app notifications will appear on the day of the release to all users who login to the CMS and will persist until the maintenance window is completed. (Figure 1) 

In-app notifications will be utilized starting with our upcoming release scheduled on April 17th, 2020. 

 Figure 1: Maintenance alert notificationFigure 1: Maintenance alert notification


DXM Improvements 

  • Search by Date Picker disappears while changing the month. (OCD-17863)  
  • GetContent() method returned an incorrect dictionary with extra key/value pairs. (OCD- 14164)  
  • Site Root stretched beyond the screen and did not have a scroll bar. (OCD- 12319)  








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