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Page Checker 3.0 (JS Scanning) - August 2021

We are very pleased to introduce Page Checker 3.0, the latest version of Page Checker that now supports on-demand checks on web pages that include JavaScript generated content. To explain the update and impact, please find some FAQs below:

What is Page Checker?

Page Checker is a lightweight version of a DQM scan, that allows a page being viewed in the browser to be checked for quality issues.

Compared to a full DQM scan, Page Checker is optimized for speed and simplifies the checks performed so that the page can be checked on-demand, with the results produced immediately.

What is the difference between Page Checker 3.0 and the current version of Page Checker in DQM?

The current version of Page Checker checks the source code of a web page while Page Checker 3.0 checks the content visibility in the browser, or what is known as the DOM.

For HTML pages with no JavaScript generated content, there will likely be no difference in results. This is because the source code and DOM tend to be the same.

The main advantage of Page Checker 3.0 is seen on web pages where content is generated using JavaScript. In these pages, the source code is usually formed of instructions to load the JavaScript, rather than the content itself. The DOM is the content of the page once the JavaScript has run which means Page Checker 3.0 will be able to identify and analyze content such as text, images and links on these pages.

How is Page Checker 3.0 installed?

The Page Checker will need to be re-installed in order to use the latest version. To do this, access the website dashboard from which you wish to install the Page Checker (this will use the same Spelling dictionary and any specific checkpoints) and drag the Page Checker button to your browser bookmark bar.

Once Page Checker 3.0 has been installed, it’s recommended to delete any other Page Checker bookmarks to ensure you only have the latest version saved and avoid confusion or inconsistent checks.

Will running Page Checker 3.0 affect the results seen within DQM?

As with the current version, Page Checker 3.0 runs independently of the DQM scan and its purpose is to run checks for single pages when viewed in the browser. This means that there will be no impact on the DQM results when Page Checker 3.0 is run. DQM will only update following a full scan.

What additional advantages does Page Checker 3.0 have?

An additional advantage of Page Checker 3.0 is that because it’s checking the DOM, user generated content (content that’s loaded following click through activity, for example) or page logins can run before Page Checker. This means that content that needs to be checked can be loaded before the check, rather than relying on HTML link following only.

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