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Announcing Checkpoint Management - February 2021

On February 2, 2021 Crownpeak released the ability to manage checkpoints, which increases the customization you have in DQM.

The Checkpoint Management list contains all available checkpoints for your DQM environment and informs you if a checkpoint is derived from Crownpeak's best practice library or a custom checkpoint requested by your organization. Admins can now search for a particular checkpoint and use the filters to display only checkpoints by priority or quality topic.

checkpoint-management (1).JPG

Accessing Checkpoint Management

Checkpoint Management is available in the new DQM user interface.

In the left-hand navigation, go to Settings > Checkpoint Management.


If you are interested in joining the DQM early access program to try this new feature, reach out to your Account Manager.

Checkpoint Management impact

Any changes that an admin makes to checkpoints will affect both existing and new DQM user interface configurations.

Checkpoint Management changes

Admins can customize checkpoints in the following ways:

  • Change checkpoint visibility
  • Change checkpoint priority
  • Change checkpoint summary
  • Change checkpoint description

As the DQM user interface expands, you can expect more checkpoint configurations to come.

To learn more about how to manage checkpoints, see Managing checkpoints

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