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DG Release (Reporting Dashboard Update) - 11 February 2021

Today’s release enhances our ability to report on consent rates within the Universal Consent Platform (UCP) Dashboard.

This updated dashboard simplifies the experience of pulling numbers for consent within the platform. 




The dashboard has 5 new tables that walk through the performance of your notice.  Additionally, these numbers can be filtered by date, country/region and domain.  This will give you the ability to differentiate consent rates by regulations.

  1. Unique visitors: number of unique visitors we observe on your site, determined by IP address. 
  2. Visitors requiring consent: The percentage of unique site visitors that are in regions that require consent.  (Some countries may not require consent to be given.  This is based on notice setup.)
  3. Total Consent rate: Percentage of visitors who give consent out of the total number of visitors requiring consent.
    1. Consented users include previously consented users and newly consented users.
  4. Newly Consented Users: Percentage of visitors to your site who provide consent. This includes both opt-in and opt-out consent.
  5. Non-Consented Users: The number of users who take no action or decline to provide consent on the notices presented.

These new updates will help you better understand how visitors are interacting with the notices so you can increase consent rates and notice performance.






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