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DG Release Notes - May 2018 - UCP Privacy

The UCP release on May 2 brings us up to full compliance with GDPR consent requirements.


New Vendor Notification

When a vendor is added to the site post-consent, site users will be notified of the change by a little red ball on the hover button. The ball will remain visible until it is clicked and they are taken to the consent page. This is enabled by default.



  1. There are no styling options. It will always be a red ball.
  2. Only available on the hover button, not the link.


Withdraw Consent

Site users now have the ability to withdraw consent after it is given, in order to comply with the GDPR. A Withdraw Consent link is now visible in the new GDPR dialog.


  1. This is only available if the customer has enabled the GDPR dialog.
  2. This only supports English.
  3. There are only minimal styling options. The "withdraw consent" link adopts the styles of the other links. The confirmation page title adopts the title style from the main page and the message section adopts the message styling. There are no styling options for the white and blue buttons.


Path-level Consent

This has been introduced to support customers using paths to separate out countries - for example www.company.com/fr and www.company.com/uk.

In this example, previously consent for company.com applied to both the fr and uk paths.

You now have the ability to separate them so they each require consent.

To use, enable the option on the notice settings.


Translation Import/Export

You can now manage your translations. You can export translations into a spreadsheet, and import to update the content.

To use it open Translations list, click Export, check the languages you want to export and confirm. Edit the spreadsheet and click Import to update.

More detailed instructions are available in this article.



  1. If the import fails, it may be related to the file format. After making changes, the file must be saved as a UTF-8 csv file.
  2. The import may also fail if there are any empty translations. Even if the exported translations are empty, they will have to be filled to complete the import.
  3. Do not change or remove columns. If there are missing columns, the import will fail.
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