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DG Release Notes -18th June 2018 - UCP

Improvements to the Translations section include new tabs for Access Request and Options Dialog. The Options Display tab has been renamed GDPR Rights, and the tabs have been reordered:

Both the Delete Confirmation Message and Rename Message Bar had overlapping text. This was resolved in the update.

An Evidon loading indicator was also added when copying and deleting a translation group.

We have made strides in optimizing the translations functionality in UCP. Updating, saving & importing, copying & deleting translations is now much faster, and should no longer time out.

When using the collapsed banner text on mobile, the collapse option was not functioning during use. This has been fixed and is now functioning as intended.

Banner Page Overlay
The “Page Overlay” option was not being displayed on notices with a banner set up – this has been fixed.

Consent Not Required Flag
When creating a notice, there was previously a Consent Not Required checkbox with cookie time box underneath. This has been changed so that consent is not required by default. The checkbox has been renamed to Consent Required. Additionally, the cookie time box below the checkbox is currently grayed out until the Consent Required box is checked, Once selected, the consent required defaults to 13 months.
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