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DG Release Notes - 9 May 2019 - UCP Features

DG Release - TagPop

Whats New?

Coming Up

  • Consent Optimization
  • TagControl V2
  • CCPA
  • Bulk Updates
  • Consent as a service

May 9th, 2019  Features

  • UPC Features

    To help minimize confusion we removed refernce of the "Consent Tool" to the "AdChoices Opt-Out Tool" through out the UI.

    Also on the second dashboard we added the ability to select multiple domains at once.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • We fixed a bug where if the user sets the position to fixed on the page overlay element the page overlay covers up theentire UI including the <Save> button so the user is not able to save the theme. 
  • We fixed the consent report label to now say "Select a Domain"
  • We fixed a bug where a Company Admin could not add users to a division.
  • We fixed an issue when creating a notice in UCP and choosing a single language per country and navigating to the next panels single language does not persist. It reselects all languages. 
  • We fixed a typo on the Ad Notice report.
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This looks great.  Nice to see everything easily in one area for release notes!  How cool would it be to embed some pop-up video for a quick oral overview somewhere in the future?  People of all abilities learn in many ways, so written, audio, accessible, etc. enhance experiences for all.

Im workinog on adding images, screenshots, or giphys where I can.