Crownpeak (Retired)

9 July 2020

All release went out this morning from the DG side of the business.  This release was centred around support for Consent Control (Granular Options) for our Beta customers.   This work also included new API updates as well.

Released the script supporting Granular Consent Control (only available to beta customers.)  This allows us to have further testing as well as support NO-Code auto blocking at the vendor and category level.  Additionally, we added support within the Tag Control UI to enable granular support.

Also, with this release we updated auditing.  This will allow us better visibility into changes to the CC config files, system generated changes, as well collect and audit better metrics surround CC configuration files.

Lastly, we fixed a console error that our customer using a observe and tag control were seeing trying to reference the DGC (TagControlv1) tag. 

These are big improvements that increase our functionality and I’d like to especially call out Karl Yates, Chad Boulton, and Jameson Kelley for the work getting these out.

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