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Evidon Adnotice DCM Input Setting for Ad Notice

These are the values to add in the DCM Video Settings. The value on the left is the name of the input field.  The value on the right is what should be entered into that input field. Please copy and paste the values to ensure accuracy and work with your Evidon CSM throughout testing of this notice.
NID XXXXX:  Ad Notice name


DCM Input FieldValue to Enter
OBA iconcheckmark the box to include OBA icon
PositionUpper right
Click-through URLhttp://info.evidon.com/more_info/78700
Click tracking URLhttp://l.betrad.com/ct/0_0_0_78700/us/0/0/0/0/0/1/60/60/242/273/0/pixel.gif?v=3_1&ttid=2&d=&r=0.1&mb...
View tracking URLhttp://l.betrad.com/ct/0_0_0_78700/us/0/1/0/0/0/0/60/60/242/273/0/pixel.gif?v=3_1&ttid=2&d=&r=0.1&mb...

DCM Support Page for Video (see Step 3):

DAA Ad Marker Implementation Guidelines for Video Ads

*NOTE: Evidon’s video Ad Notice has been built to be compliant with VAST 3.0 (and 4.0) specifications. Therefore, our video notice will only display on video players which support the VAST 3.0/4.0 icon element or on HTML5 players. As there is a growing demand to enable video AdChoices, we are happy to test and/or integrate with any video players willing to support VAST 3.0/4.0 or HTML5.

In cases where video Ad Notice is not feasible, Evidon recommends serving our regular Ad Notice on the companion banner as a best practice.
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