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Bulk Translations in UCP

Bulk upload and editing of translations has been added to UCP to support customers who need to modify the default consent notice text based on legal or other requirements. This new feature let's you review text for all 55 languages supported and edit all the languages in one file.


Let's review the steps to use:

-In UCP, navigate to Templates & Assets.

-Select Translations. You'll see Import and Export options in the top right of the translations list.

Translations in UCP


-Use the checkboxes to the left to select individual languages or  the checkbox at the top to select all.

Checkboxes in translations

 -Select Export to download a CSV file. This file includes all selected languages and text fields. Make your edits here.

CSV example


-Once complete, save and return to UCP.

-Select Import to upload edited CSV. You'll receive confirmation at the top of the page.



Troubleshooting tips

-If the import fails, it may be related to the file format. After making changes, the file must be saved as a UTF-8 csv file.

-The import may also fail if there are any empty translations. Even if the exported translations are empty, they will have to be filled to complete the import.

-Do not change or remove columns. If there are missing columns, the import will fail.

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