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Ad Notice 2.0 FAQ: Which languages do you support?

Which languages do you support?

Country Language(s)
Argentina Spanish
Armenia Armenian
Austria German
Australia English
Belgium French, Flemish
Brazil Portuguese
Bulgaria Bulgarian
Canada Canadian French, Canadian English
China Simplified Chinese
Cyprus Greek
Czech Republic Czech
Denmark Danish
Estonia Estonian
Finland Finnish
France French
Germany German
Greece Greek
Hong Kong Traditional Chinese
Hungary Hungarian
Iceland Icelandic
India English
Israel Hebrew
Italy Italian
Japan Japanese
Korea Korean
Latvia Latvian
Lithuania Lithuanian
Luxembourg French, German
Macodenia Macodenian
Malta Maltese, English
Mexico Spanish
Netherlands Dutch
Norway Norwegian
Philippines Taglog
Poland Polish
Portugal Portuguese
Romania Romanian
Russia Russian
Serbia Serbian
Singapore Simplified Chinese
Slovakia Slovak
Slovenia Slovenian
Spain Spanish, Catalan
Sweden Italian, Swiss German, Swiss French
Taiwan Traditional Chinese
Thailand Thai
Turkey Turkish
Ukraine Ukrainian
United Kingdom English
United States English, Spanish
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