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Ad Notice 2.0 FAQ: How can I use Ad Server Macros to Pass in Data?

How can I use Ad Server Macros to Pass in Data?

You can customize the tags to pass in data to the Evidon Enterprise reporting system. Anything that you pass in will be displayed in the Campaign Code column of the Campaign Report. One of the ways this might be useful is to use this with one or more Ad Server Macros, in order to compare the Evidon Enterprise reporting to your Ad Server reporting. Here's how you would customize the Evidon Enterprise tags.

In the Ad Notice tags, there is a URL which looks like:;ad_w=<ad width>;ad_h=<ad height>;coid=<company id number>;nid=<notice id number> 

This is a URL for a JavaScript file, with variables that are passing in the values for the information used when generating the notice. You can append another variable to this list which will then pass the information in to the Campaign Code field in the Campaign Report. The variable's name is ecaid, which stands for external campaign ID, and the new line would then look like:;ad_w=<ad width>;ad_h=<ad height>;coid=<company id number>;nid=<notice id number>;ecaid=<information you want passed in>; 

If your ad server does support Ad Server Macros, it's possible to use those macros here to pass in dynamic information. For example, the DCM Ad Server Macro for the DCM Campaign ID is %ebuy!:. If you changed the tag to include the ecaid variable, the Campaign report would then include the DCM Ad IDs in the Campaign Code column. The new line would look like:;ad_w=<ad width>;ad_h=<ad height>;coid=<company id number>;nid=<notice id number>;ecaid=%ebuy!:; 

Things to note: It is important that the original values for the placeholder variables for the Evidon Enterprise Company ID and Evidon Enterprise Notice ID (<company id number> and <notice id number>) in the lines above are not changed. Unless you are using an ad server macro to pass in the dimensions, you also want to make sure that the correct sizes are passed in for the height and width placeholder variables (<ad height> and <ad width>). It's also important that spaces and quotation marks are not used in the values from the ad server macros. The URL would be broken if a space or quotation mark was included, and the notice might not be displayed.

Also, note that DCM will only support 5 macros within a call.  This includes macros that you may include in other tags besides your Evidon Enterprise tag.  


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