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Website Insights: Website Overview

    The Website Insights section of DQM shows data for one website scan. It is the place you can see the total issues, pages and misspellings for that website, the progress being made overtime, as well as diving deeper into specific issues to see where they occur on a page.

    If you have website-level access only, you will see a navigation bar on the left similar to the images in this section of the guide. If you are an Admin, or if you have permissions set to “See the Group Performance Dashboard”, your navigation will also contain links to Group Performance.

    Website Overview page in Crownpeak DQMWebsite Overview page in Crownpeak DQM

    Website Overview is the landing page for the majority of users, and shows top-level figures for the website you are viewing. If you have access to view data for more than one website, you can change the website you are viewing using the dropdown in the top-right.

    The Website Issues graph in the middle of the page shows the progress of the website based on the number of pages and number of issues reported overtime. You can adjust the timeframe the graph displays by changing the “Viewing” option selected, and you can also check or uncheck “Issues” and “Pages” to choose whether or not to display those lines on the graph. You can toggle between showing the graph lines or a table of the exact data by clicking “View data” in the top-right of the graph itself.

    The Issue Summary box shows the top-level statistics for this website. Clicking on the link below any of these numbers will take you to the relevant page in Website Insights for more information about that data.

    The Changes Over 30 Days box shows the current number of Issues and pages, as well as how much these numbers have changed by over the last 30 days. You will also see what percentage of your issues are “Priority Issues” (For more information, see “Priority Checkpoints”).

    The Leader Board Ranking shows the position this website ranks compared to all of the other websites in this DQM instance. This is calculated by the number of issues per page each website has.

    The Search box allows you to search for a specific webpage or asset that has been scanned as part of this website. Currently only exact URL searching is supported.

    You can Export data from this website dashboard in the form of CSVs. The button for this is in the top-right.

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