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Director of UX

Why upgrade from Site Notice to UCP?

Evidon’s Universal Consent Platform (UCP) represents the latest in consent management platforms, affording unparalleled customization and advanced consent options to remain compliant with evolving data privacy laws while protecting your user experience.


UCP offers the ability to create custom categories for technology partners on your site, allowing you to customize the labels to fit your organization’s legal requirements:

By default, UCP offers 24 vendor categories:

  • Ad Network
  • Ad Server
  • Ad Verification
  • Advertiser
  • Agency
  • Analytics Provider
  • Business Intelligence
  • Content Management/SaaS• Creative/Ad Format Technology
  • Data Aggregator/Supplier
  • Data Management Platform
  • Demand Side Platform
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Mobile
  • Online Privacy Platform
  • Optimizer
  • Other
  • Publisher
  • Research Provider
  • Retargeter
  • Social Media
  • Supply Side Platform
  • Tag Manager
  • Video

The legacy Site Notice solution only offers three categories, with no customization:

  • Essential
  • Advertising
  • Analytics and Customization


Site Notice allows for limited customization of the user experience, providing a more generic user experience.

UCP offers extensive customization of the notice elements, allowing your consent experience to be presented on brand which improves your user experience and consent rates.

More Consent Options

With the introduction of GDPR, CCPA, and other similar data privacy laws, lawful consent experiences must vary by region. UCP can support various consent modes to support a global roll-out.

Support for IAB

UCP offers, as an option, support for IAB EU’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF), allowing customers to share the consent status with advertising vendors participating in the framework.


UCP can customize the consent experience based on the site visitor’s location, so you can be sure to comply with the user’s local data privacy laws.

Themes and Templates

Themes and templates make it easy to manage brand assets and ensure an experience that is on-brand, even for large multi-brand organizations.

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