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Director of UX

Updating your site notices to comply with CNIL

Due to the recent CNIL ruling, the UCP first level banner notice now supports functionality to comply with the updated regulation.

As a reminder, the CNIL has determined that the banner requirements must be adopted by March 31, 2021.

Styled CNIL noticeStyled CNIL notice

Enabling the CNIL banner settings

To enable the CNIL banner settings, follow these steps:

  1. In UCP, navigate to Templates & Assets > Notice Templates.
  2. From Notice Templates, open an existing template. Note that if you’re creating a new template, the following steps are the same. 
  3. In Step 2: Regulation & Consent Support, scroll down and locate the Updated CNIL Guidelines [GDPR] section.
  4. Navigate to the desired country or region and check the Enable Updated Banner checkbox. This updates the banner content to meet the CNIL requirements. 

    Note: These requirements are specifically for France and the UK as a stricter approach to the GDPR. You can select this setting for France and UK specifically, or the EU as a whole. 

  5. Once you've enabled the CNIL banner settings and saved the template, validate that your existing banner styles appear as they should.

Updating the banner and barrier language

The other area impacted by the CNIL requirements is Translations. 

To update the banner or barrier language, follow these steps: 

  1. In UCP, navigate to Templates & Assets > Translations.
  2. From Translations, find the correct Translation set and open a language.
  3. From Banner or Barrier tab, scroll down and locate the CNIL fields for both Desktop Translations (left) and Mobile Translations (right). Update these fields as necessary.

The fields available for editing are: 

  • CNIL Disclosure Message – the main messaging on a banner or barrier
  • CNIL Accept All Button – the banner or barrier button text for Accept All
  • CNIL Reject Button – the banner or barrier button text for Reject All
  • CNIL Manage Settings – the banner or barrier button text for Manage Settings
  • CNIL Policy Link – the banner or barrier text for the link to the policy information
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