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What is Tag Control

Tag Control encompasses the following three features:

Tag Control
Tag Control is a feature that allows you to choose which tags can fire on your site and block unauthorized third-party resources.

AutoBlocking blocks tags from firing on your website until you have obtained consent from your website visitor.

It does not require tag wrapping or building rules and triggers into a tag manager.

Real-Time Scanning
Real-time Scanning will scan your websites and update the vendors disclosed in your consent notices so you don’t have to do it manually.

All three solutions use our Omni-Tag to track tags on your site and perform the intended actions.

Site Modes

There are three modes or statuses a site can be ins on Tag Control:

  • Observing: The Omni-Tag is actively observing and recording vendors but nothing is being blocked.
  • Tag Control Only: The Omni-Tag is observing and adding new vendors to the site’s Observed list as well as enforcing the site’s Whitelist. Only vendors on the site’s Whitelist will be fired.
  • Tag Policy Enforcement: Policy enforcement will follow the regulation settings defined in the Universal Consent Platform based on geographic area. For a region following Prior Consent rules (i.e. GDPR), Tag Control will only fire Essential vendors until consent is received. Once consent is received, Tag Control will allow other whitelisted vendors. For a region following Opt-Out consent (i.e. CCPA), all whitelisted vendors are allowed to fire until consent is withdrawn.

How to access Tag Control

Open If you are signed in to UCP, you should be automatically signed in to Tag Control. If not, login using the same credentials.

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