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What is Tag Auditor?

Tag Auditor exposes how the digital supply chain on your website is affecting the user experience and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Tag Auditor gives companies an otherwise hidden view of what’s happening under the hood of their websites when it comes to tracking technologies.


When you think about how digital marketing tools are enabled, you realize that most of them require you add a tag – a short snippet of code – to your website. It’s a quick step in the process that most marketers don’t spend much time thinking about. But there are hazards of adding tags to your website. Every tag has the potential to negatively affect aspects of your website from the privacy of your users to the performance of your website.


Tag Auditor brings to light all the tags on your website and what they’re doing there so you can identify issues and opportunities to improve the user experience. A deeper look at some of the issues tags can cause include:

1. Privacy – When you give third-parties access to your user data, you lose control over how your customer data is used.

2. Transparency – Often tags give access to other third-party vendors you don’t have a direct relationship with, and are therefore not even aware of. This means you are exposing your users to data collection by unknown parties.

3. Site Performance– Every tag you add to your site can delay page loading time by fractions of a second. Add them all together and you could be losing visitors due to pages that take too much time to load.

4. Marketing Programs – Tags can misfire or not fire at all, which can affect the success of your digital marketing efforts.

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