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Tag Auditor scanning requirements

As part of the onboarding process setting up Tag Auditor, the Crownpeak Support team will configure the Tag Auditor scanning and reporting URLs on the back-end.

In order to do this, you must provide the following information to Support:

  • URL list for scanning
    • Proxy country for each URL
  • Path restrictions
  • URL groupings
  • Login URLs and credentials

You'll also find an example request to submit to our Support team at the bottom of this page.

URL list for scanning

Provide a list of landing page URLs to scan. Note the following:

  • These should be domains that our Support team can plug into a browser that takes them to the actual webpage you wish to scan.
  • Include the appropriate protocol for the webpage. For example, each URL should look like this:

Proxy country for each URL

Our scanner must have a country of origin where the scans will originate from. We currently offer scanning capabilities for the following countries:

Australia Greece Poland
Austria Hungary Portugal
Belgium India Romania
Brazil Ireland Slovenia
Bulgaria Italy South Africa
Canada Japan Spain
China Latvia Sweden
Croatia Lithuania Switzerland
Cyprus Luxembourg United Kingdom
Czech Republic Malaysia United States
Denmark Malta  
Egypt Mexico  
Estonia Netherlands  
Finland New Zealand  
France Norway  
Germany Philippines  


When you provide each URL, you must specify one of the countries above that you would like the scan to run from.

Path restrictions

Our Support team can configure the scanner to scan with specific path restrictions. For example, on the site, you can indicate that you wish to path restrict the scanner to /fr so that only pages that begin with the path of /fr will be scanned and reported on. Simply let Support know where and when if this applies.

URL groupings

For reporting purposes, Crownpeak creates Domain Groups for the URLs that Tag Auditor scans. As such, you can create groups of similar domains to pull reporting on all those domains at once. When you submit the URLs for scan:

  • Simply indicate the Domain Group name you wish to assign each domain should go into.
  • You can name these on your own and you can have a Domain Group contain anywhere from 1 domain to upwards of fifty.

Login URLs and credentials

If you want to scan a page behind a login wall you must provide the landing page URL where you log in, as well as all login credentials required to log in.

Note: We can only do these logins on pages where the login elements have targetable HTML elements on the login.

Example request

The following is an example request to configure domains for Tag Auditor:

Domain Group Name: “Corporate” – Please scan all these domains from the United States - Login required at

Username/Password: User/Password123

Domain Group Name: “French” – Please scan from France - Please restrict path to /fr/

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