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htmlMode parameter failing on textArea


I have tried using the htmlMode parameter, however the input component is not display as WYSIWYG on the editor. Snippet code below does not yield the desired results.

<CMS_INPUT_TEXTAREA useLanguages="YES" htmlMode="yes" name="IDENTIFIER">


    <LANGINFO lang="*" label="TEXT" description="TEXT"/>

    <LANGINFO lang="DE" label="TEXT" description="TEXT"/>

    <LANGINFO lang="EN" label="TEXT" description="TEXT"/>



Someone with a workaround on this, please give me a shout. Thanks



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I'm new here

Hello Jack,

htmlMode works like expected for me in the WebClient. Maybe it is a browser caching issue, can you please restart your browser and try it again.


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Hello Jack,

for your information, this feature will be removed in FirstSpirit 5. So you should keep in mind, that your code will not work as expected after updating to FirstSpirit 5.0.

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