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Workflow unlock

Dear Team,

Can you please support here.

Query 1 :

I am trying to unlock the page as well as the children pages under the folder . But the page is stuck with In workflow

I am attaching the screenshots below.



Code :

se = context.getElement();

List pages = se.getChildren(Page.class, true).toList();
for(Page page : pages) {
try {
if(page instanceof Page) {

// reset recursive lock
context.logInfo("writelock gelockt");

} catch (Exception e) {
context.logError(log + " Error: ",e);


// non recursive lock, normal state during workflow
se.setLock(true, false);

Anything wrong here . please support.Thank you!


Query 2 :

When iam trying to Edit a locked page the Message is pop up "Information
The object with ID... is marked in the workflow "read only". Editing is therefore not possible!" instead of "read only "

i need to modify as "Translation in progress" . Is it possible  to override the default message ?

Edit Message.png

Please support.Thank you in advance!


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Crownpeak employee

Dear Geetha,

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I understand what the problem is here.
In the code I notice that you don't save the node after removing the write protection, so something like:


page.setLock(true); //you cannot lock a page with active write lock"write lock removed");


If you don't save the page, the writeLock will only be inactive within the current session. Maybe this is the cause of the problem you have?

And to query 2 - afaik default messages cannot be overwritten.

Best regards

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