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Undo Not Working in text area(CMS_INPUT_TEXTAREA) in CMS 5.0

Hi All,

I have a strange issue in FirstSpirit 5.0. In the development of a page Template, I have used CMS_INPUT_TEXTAREA in the Form to generate a Text area Form Field. The text can be entered in this textarea, can be copied, pasted and cut even works but "undo" doesn't work.

I have seen this working in FirstSpirit 4.2 but it is not woking in FirstSpirit 5.0.

So, I would like to ask, if any one of you faced this strange issue? If so, please do let me know a Tip or Trick to get rid of it.

Thanks in advance,


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I'm new here

Hi Ronny,

Thanks for reporting.

This bug is already known and handled internally with ID 144312.