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Restriction of Section templates for a Page fails by Drag-and-Drop

Hi All,

I would like to detail the problem with an example.

There exists section templates "section_top_template_homepage", "section_bottom_template_homepage", "section_top_template_details", "section_bottom_template_details".

There exists a Page Template "page_template_homepage". This page template allows only these following section templates "section_top_template_homepage", "section_bottom_template_homepage". So, when the editor tries to create a new page with this page template, the editor can create sections only with these following section templates "section_top_template_homepage", "section_bottom_template_homepage".

There should not be any possiblity for ""section_top_template_details" section to exist in "page_template_homepage, as a general behaviour.

But it is possible to move by drag_and_drop the section that has been created using section template "section_top_template_details" into "Page_template_homepage".

I doubt, is this any bug? or it is the general behaviour of first spirit client.

If it is the general behaviour, the main aim of the restriction of section templates during page template development is fulfilled. Please let us know, how to handle this scenario...


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I'm new here

Hello Ronny,

I could reproduce your problem and found out that it only occours, if you drop the section onto another section in "page_template_hompage" and not onto the content area.

Please contact the HelpDesk to report this bug.

Best regards


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