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Query created not seen in set filter for content source

Hi Guys,

I have created table template, then content source (data source) which should link to query I created. When I try to set filter to content source, I don't see it as shown in drop down screen shot. I see menu Filter, but not Menu Filter_v2, which I linked to content source I created. Why isn't it showing any help is greatly appreciated.



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Crownpeak employee


My collegue tried to reproduce your problem, but without any success (he can see the filter). Could you please provide more detailed reproduction instructions and the FirstSpirit version you are using, so others can try it out? Otherwise the only hint we can give you is to use the most recent version of FirstSpirit. Maybe there was just a misunderstandig in the documentation and you have already fixed the problem by yourself?

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Hi begood321,

the problem described may result due to one of the following causes:

- the query links to another table than the table template. Just check, if the content of "Result table" (on the "Conditions" tab of the query)  is the same as the content of "Connected to table" on the "Mapping" tab of the table template

- if you are using an old FirstSpirit version, it may result from an error in another table template or query in any database schema. Just click on all child nodes of all database schemata. If you get an exception, delete (or correct) the appropriate node [Hint - there may be more than one problematic node]. Restart the Site Architect, if you corrected appropriate node[s] and check, if the problem was solved this way.

Annotation:  This problem was fixed some time ago

Can you solve the problem with these hints?

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Hello Basil, 

do you need further assistance or did Nicolais and Holgers answers already help you? If so, it would be great if you marked his response as "correct answer" so that other community members can easily find the solution. If you have already found a solution yourself it would be very kind of you if you posted it here. 

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